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Getting Listed Online

Search Engines

Most search engines have a facility for you to submit your URL. You only need to submit the homepage and the sitemap as the search engine will find the rest of your pages.

When the search engine indexes the website each page will be given a rating (in google the page is given a score our of 10). The score is based on:

  1. The number of links to a page and the importance of the page on which the link appears. For example, a link from BBC Online: Music ( - score 7/10) is more important than a link from Jo Blogg's homepage.
  2. How close the page is to the root of the site.
  3. The number of times people click on a particular search result.
  4. SPAM - search engines will penalise pages where following occur:
    1. Single words or phrases are repeated too many times
    2. The text and background colours are the same or similar
    3. Images are used without ALT tags


Getting listed will require time but it is worth the effort as in addition to being available through the directory browse, search engines will return sites listed with the main directories first. To be listed in a directory, browse through the directory to find an appropriate page to list your site then click on the submit a link button. The most important places to be listed are the Open Directory, Yahoo! and Looksmart.

The Open Directory - (results given in AOL Search, Ask, Google, Lycos and Netscape Search). Free submission but can take up to a year for listings to be reviewed by editors.
Yahoo! For a fee Yahoo will review the site submission within 7 days - well worth the expense as an unpaid submission can take up to a year for listings to be reviewed.

Looksmart (results given in MSN Search and Altavista). If your site is commercial you can pay for listing at: If your site is not commercial it can be added to Looksmart through - adding a site to requires membership of the zeal community, expect to spend over two hours on this process.

Paid per click
Most major search engines include sponsored results. You select the keywords and your sponsored link will appear when visitors type your keywords into the search engine. Generally you will only have to pay if the searcher clicks on your link. The 2 main pay per click search engines are:

Links from other sites

Many sites have links pages, it is worth requesting links from the most important sites related to the product, service or information available on your site. If you do not know which are the most important related sites use the top 20 results when searching for your keywords. The web administrator's contact details are usually available on their website. When soliciting a link from another site include:


020 8670 0869