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Teach Guitar

A guitar teacher had 3 e-books providing guidance to guitarists seeking to become guitar teachers. The guitar teacher was seeking a website that encouraged the visitor to purchase an e-book and to promote the website online.

Information Design Solution: A bold updated design based on the cartoon logos used on the e-book "covers". A consistent logo was used throughout including the commerce, promotion and information article sections fo the site.

Social Networking Solution: A variety of social networking opportunities were made available along with training for the use of each network. The online networking opportunities the guitar teacher was most able to take advantage of were submitting online articles and bookmarking sites.

  1. Online Articles. Landing pages were created to support articles submitted by the Guitar Teacher resulting in great response in monitored traffic to the website.
  2. Facebook. Logo images designed for facebook, only slightly used
  3. Twitter. Logo and page design for Twitter, only slightly used with no significant traffic to site.
  4. StumbleUpon. Information article seeding by posting to StumbleUpon with various user names resulting in great response in monitored traffic to website.
  5. Digg. Information article seeding, significant response.
  6. Reddit. Information article seeding, significant response.
  7. Delicious. Information articles seeding, little response.


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