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The Secret Guitar Teacher

An experienced guitar teacher wanted to record guitar lessons in order to make a pay website based on guided guitar courses with personal interaction with the teachers

Design Solution: The design of the website followed 3 stages:

  1. Design Ideas. A set of 6 design ideas were created to target a mature, sophisticated audience. They reflected the unique selling point of the site: the personal interaction with an experienced guitar teacher.
  2. Design Feedback. The feedback process helped select a simple design which used colours and icons to inform the user what part of the complex site they are viewing.
  3. Design Development. The design process was upgraded many times to reflect changing requirements during the development process.

Technical Solution: The site needed to deliver videos reliably, create the guitar courses, manage the member, take payments, and encourage feedback to improve the service.

  1. A free FLV player was used for delivering the videos which were edited on an Apple.
  2. A bespoke Content Management System (CMS) developed in PHP-MySQL to manage guitar courses and lesson videos.
  3. A bespoke CMS to manage membership and subscriptions with the financial transactions being completed by Paypal or
  4. A customised WordPress blog allows easy communication with members.

Marketing Solution: A YouTube channel created a reach into the online market and the site encouraged visitors add to the email lists.

Overview of the Secret Guitar Teacher

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