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Roland Hicks: Visual Artist

Roland paints photorealistic pictures of mundane household objects magnified onto large canvases. He wanted a website both as a means of providing information to the press, critics and art students and for promoting his art.

The design of the website is subtle using no images other than the paintings done by Roland Hicks. Lists and details of the works of art are featured throughout the site to emphasise the biographical nature of the website. Throughout the site links are available to the important exhibitions he has had and articles written about his work. The exhibition pages feature gallery tours giving impressions of his work on display. The article pages feature the paintings discussed.

On the painting page I have used a small image of the picture as a web quality photograph of a photorealistic painting does not convey the gravitas of the painting. On each painting page I have added quotes from exhibtions or collectors to increase the understanding of the painting.

Technical Solution
I designed and developed this website and trained Roland in using Seamonkey to edit the text on the pages. I will provide continued support for the site including loading new pages, loading new images and fixing any problems that should arise.


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