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Garratt Park Advisory Service
Design & Marketing Case Study

This service funded by Wandsworth Burrough is aimed at ensuring students with autism and Aspergers Syndrome, and similar learning difficulties, are provided with a suitable learning environment in Wandsworth schools.

Logos and Identity

The Advisory Service did not have a consistent use of logo and used a variety of fonts and formats in their literature. Before starting the design process I created the logo and identity based on visualisation of basic communication principals.

The 3 Stage Design Process

Stage 1: Initial Designs
The Advisory Service provide 2 lists of websites. The first list was of websites their customers are likely to visit regularly, for example: Wandsworth Burrough Website. The second list was of websites related to the content of thier websites they thought were designed well, for example: The National Autistic Society.

Examples of designs presented in Stage 1:

Initial Design 1Initial Design 2Initial Design 3Initial Design 5Initial Design 6

Complete list of initial designs

Stage 2: Design Feedback
Based on the feedback from the initial designs a set of designs are created that incorporate the most suitable designs and design elements.

Examples of designs presented in Stage 2:

HomepageSection pagePrimary information page

Complete list of stage 2 designs

Stage 3: Final Design
Based on the feedback from the design set developed in stage 2 a complete set of designs are agreed prior to building the website.

Examples of colour choices presented at this stage


Complete list of final design tweeks.

The Marketing Process

The first step in developing the website structure was to establish and group the visitors to the website. In consultation with The Artvan 3 clear markets were established: primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, and parents and carers. The website was, thus, structured with sections for these 3 markets alongside sections for the services provided by the Advisory Service.

Before providing content for the website the Advisor Service were asked to summarise their service in 50 words, 20 words and to describe themselves in 20 phrases. Throughout the development process for the website these key words and descriptions were used appropriately to ensure accurate searche engine placement.

Training was delivered and checklists were given on delivery of the website to ensure the online potential for the service was utilised in all their marketing and outreach processes.

Technical Solution

The majority of the site was considered to be a one-off build. The remaining pages needed regular update including online resources and newsletters. These pages were built using Microsoft Publisher templates I developed that followed the look and feel of the main site.


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