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Cambridge University Press (CUP)

I managed the CUP Web Marketing Team from February 2001 to October 2003. In this role I was responsible for managing the CUP's online profile, for developing marketing opportunities online, for developing sales online and for developing the online usability and design.

The International Home Page

This page needed to direct customers to a range of regional and service sites while giving the impression of the oldest press in the world.

Home Page DesignSolution: This page needed strict control of the visual space and thus used graphics for the links, which could be done without jeopardising search engine ranking as the key sites were not on this domain: the only key words targeted on this page are "cambridge university press".


Cambridge Dictionaries Online

This very popular resource provided a useful free service of providing meanings for words in a number of languages. It had sound programming delivering a quick and consistant service but did not harness the advertising potential of the 14 million annual visitors.

Cambridge Online DictionariesSolution: The site was redesigned in a clean and branded way. The imagery of the printed dictionary was used on the site and the ability to buy the dictionary in a single click was added. Adverts to CUP services and products were added to the results page along with the functionality to add contextual advert links to the results.


A service provided to selected authors for Cambridge University Press along with information available for all authors plus potential authors.

AuthornetSolution: The design ensured the log in would be available but the information for all authors would appear before the log in. The keys to delivering this solution lay in the research into the needs of the authors along with carefully targeted grouping of authors and direct marketing.

Cambridge Bibles

A combination of high price hand-crafted bibles and mass-produced versions.

Cambrdige BiblesSolution: A clean design utilising features of the handmade bibles including text samples, pictures and watermarks.



Penpals for Handwriting

Online support for a direct mail promotion.

PenpalsSolution: this bright and colourful design followed the designs in the printed mailing pieces. This is an example of numerous targeted marketing campaigns which used the website to lower the costs of reaching the marketing and increased the feedback on the product.




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