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Building Websites & Getting into Google

You know your business, you know your customers, you know how your customers might try to find you. We have the marketing experience and the technical knowledge to build a website that will best place you near the top of the search results in search engines including Google.

Our Online Marketing Process

The first step in our design and development process is to work out with you who your customers are and to divide the customers into groups with similar needs. The website structure is then based on presenting only relevant information to your potential customer groups by encouraging them to navigate to the pages we prepare for them.

The next step in our design and development process is to work out with you a long description of your product or service (50 to 100 words), a short decription of your product or service (10 to 20 words) and a list of phrases that best describe ways your customers may look for your products or services (10 or more phrases). The phrases and descriptions need to be specific and realistic. For example, a financial adviser in Beckenham should target the phrase "mortgages in Beckenham" not "mortgages". These descriptions and lists will be used throughout the process of building the website and preparing the content to ensure their use in the areas on the website considered important by search engines.

All our websites are built to be friendly to search engines. When the website is completed we will submit your website to the important search engines and general directories.

Finally, we will deliver training on how to increase your online presence through online marketing in your business sector including on online advertising campaigns, email newsletters and viral marketing.


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